St. Thomas Feast Day Celebrations

Pupils of St. Thomas Bazzadde Primary School were chosen by St. Thomas Bweyogerere Sub-Parish Council, one of the eight outstation of the Consolata Parish to animate in the Eucharistic celebrations, when the sub parish was celebrating its patron Feast Day, St. Thomas the Apostle, extended to 10th September from 3rd July 2012. Close to four thousand Christians including guests from parts of Uganda attended. On 3rd July the school children were taught, who St. Thomas the Apostle was among the twelve Disciples of Christ the Lord.

Before the first, second and gospel reading were, some of St. Thomas school pupils were seen, processing through the congregation, bringing the holy Bible, to the Alter, handing it over to Rev. Fr. Leo Baganda IMC, Parish Priest, who was also the main Celebrant. Both the first and second reading were done by the school children.

In offertory time, majority of St. Thomas pupils, guided by the sub parish executive members had been authorized to circulate baskets and collect from the celebrants all monetary offertories. Children also participated in petition presentation.
At the end of the Eucharistic, St. Thomas was invited on the stage and presented a drama concert, punctuated by the lararaka traditional dance and African folk music, applauding St. Thomas the Aposlte being an example patron of the school. Rev. Fr. Banganda spoke highly about St. Thomas, who first rejected, the resurrection of Jusus from the dead, when he saw Jusus believe. St. Thomas Feast Day also tied the knot of Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Juliet Ziwa into the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony.


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