St Thomas Emergency Grant Reduces School Children Congestion

Early in may 2012, St. Thomas Bazadde primary school was graced with a grant, amounting to Ugx 119M/= from the Ministry of Education and Sport Emergency Resources Envelope for the construction of two classrooms blocks now envisaged to mitigate space for school children.

This emergency assistance is meant for provision of catalytic initiatives in energizing improved dialogue with government and donor agencies for additional resources that would replace existing building structure, with modern facilities, matching with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Currently, the school shelters, over 712 pupils of whom 326 being boys and 386 girls respectively.

The new construction structures now in progress, when completed will expand overall classroom space to approximately fifty percent, where majority of the pupils will be shifted into new classroom spaces.

Project Progress

The project progress has witnessed a number pros and cons. From the technical perspective, several meetings have been held on schedule, with site visit done, by the project construction committee have been suggesting bright ideas, which may be relevant in future projects programming, once funding permits.
For instance, members in our progressive meeting had suggested to introduce workmanship insurance compensation in case of injuries arise to workers and other personalities passing nearby. The school administration visited some of the leading insurance vendors in town and gathered the relevant information for reviewing the possibility of insurance policies which may be applicable. When the meeting examined the risks benefits involved, it was worthy having a life insurance package, but the amount coverage pegged to this facility was unacceptable, and it was not included in the blanket budget provision offered by the Ministry. Therefore, it was decided to request the Project Contractor to make provision of insurance coverage within his human resource financial management.

Work Done Earned Credit
At this time, work so far that reached wall plate level, has received utmost appreciation from the Governance Commission and the School Construction Committee is proud to see the buildings in construction are of classic status. The buildings were being examined interlocked with iron piane at every three bricks course levels laid. These piane keep the building walls stronger, thus avoiding cracks, arising from vibrations caused by heavy traffic along the highway and moving trains. Ti is also worth of note, both the dam course and ring beams has been constructed with recommended ratios of cement and iron bars measuring nine inches high. From the perspective outlook, the project shows real value of funds allotted for, with a very strong classroom prospect, when the project gets terminated.

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